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VCGH Jets Race Festival 2019

VCGH Jets are pleased to announce our very first festival of racing!

WHERE? Broadwater School, Summers Road, GODALMING, GU7 3BW
WHEN? 30th June 2019. Registration 0900-0930. First race 0930. Last race 1200.
WHO? Club and unaffiliated riders U8,U10,U12,U14
WHAT? A full programme of grasstrack racing.

So what's grasstrack racing all about then?
Grasstrack racing is the grassroots equivalent to velodrome racing. If you've ever seen the likes of Sir Chris Hoy and Laura Trott racing round the wooden oval then this is essentially what we are doing - however as we don't (yet) have a velodrome in Godalming, we will be doing it on grass.

The great thing about grasstrack racing is that there are lots of races to participate in, so if you didn't do so well in one, you can always try for the next one. We will be running the following races:

Scratch Race - this is just a simple straightforward race with a mass start - first across the line after a set number of laps is the winner!
Team Pursuit - teams of 2,3 or 4 riders chase each other round the track for a set number of laps. The winning team is the one who last rider (3rd rider in a 4-up team) crosses the line before the other teams last rider.
Elimination Race - always a favourite. Similar to the scratch race, but on every lap the last rider over the line is eliminated until only 3 riders remain - then it's a flat out sprint for the line.
Keirin - riders are paced by an adult rider who gradually ups the pace. No-one can pass the pacer until they come off the track. Once the pacer comes off the track, it's a flat sprint to the line.
Madison - teams of 2 ride the track. At any one time one of the team members is racing, and the other is recovering, riding slowly round the outside of the track. The racing rider tags in their teammate when they get tired. The winning team is the one that has ridden the most laps together in a given time.

All races are by age category and will be mixed girls and boys, with separate prizes for girls and boys in the U12 and U14.

What do I win?
Fame and glory mostly, but we will be handing out medals for individual competition winners and for an overall points competition, so the more races you enter, the better you will do. There will also be separate prizes for boys and girls in U12 and U14. Mixed teams are permitted and encouraged in both the team events (Team Pursuit and Madison).

Any catches?
You need to have a bike that is suitable for racing on grass (no slick tyres) and in a good state of maintenance and repair. Have a look at British Cycling's M-check video to see if your bike is ready for racing.

You need to have a CE-approved helmet (look for the CE letters on the sticker inside) that is correctly fitted. Due to the need to be able to see around you at all times, full-face BMX helmets will not be permitted.

You need to have suitable clothing for racing - no sandals or excessively baggy clothing, and it's advisable to wear gloves.

IF you want to enter the team events (the Team Pursuit and the Madison) you MUST email jets@vcgh.co.uk with your team details - names and dates of birth of all team members before the race day.

Sounds awesome - how do I enter?
Well, you can keep us all guessing and simply rock up on the day, however if you want to make our lives a bit easier we would love it if you pre-registered. You can do this on British Cycling's website here. If you have any questions, please email jets@vcgh.co.uk. And if you want to enter a team in the Madison or Team Pursuit, please do email in addition to registering on the British Cycling website.