Under 18s

VCGH welcomes under-18s to join the club and has a number of activities available depending on age, ability and experience. The illustration below shows what's on offer; you can read more below:

                 (Age on 1st January)


VCGH Jets is the section of our club that provides targeted activities for 6-16 year olds. Jets is Go-Ride compliant, which is British Cycling’s initiative to introduce children up to the age of 16 to cycle sports in a safe, traffic-free environment. 

Starting from Sunday 2nd July 2017, VCGH Jets will meet every Sunday afternoon during term time at Milford Infants' School for coaching sessions led by our qualified coaches. This will initially be for VCGH members’ kids aged 6-12years, moving on to older age groups as we gain both experience and a larger team of qualified leaders (BC Level 1 coaches, welfare officers, first aiders etc.). 

All sessions take place in a safe, traffic-free environment and concentrate on techniques and skills, with fun games and races thrown in.

The emphasis is on enjoyment, while also learning valuable skills that will help children develop a lifelong passion for cycling, whether it be for racing, social riding, commuting and utility riding, or simply for fun.

What you need to do if you're interested in joining VCGH Jets?

  • Register your interest with Jets Captain Nick Strugnell.
  • Check our Coaching Session Dates in the calendar below.
  • Check you have adequate insurance (British Cycling offer free insurance for youth riders in the first year).
  • Fill in the Parental Consent form (pdf). This will need to be received by the Jets Coaching team in advance of the first session attended.
  • Check you have an EN1078 approved cycling helmet.
  • Check you have an appropriate bike, which must be:
    • in good working order
    • have two brakes that work
    • be fitted with a freewheel
    • be an appropriate size to allow the rider to safely participate in the session
    • be appropriate to the environment, surface conditions, and activity
  • Meet the team responsible for the VCGH Jets section.
  • You are invited to 3 try-it sessions, after which we will ask you to Join the Club.
VCGH Jets is governed by British Cycling's Equality Policy (pdf), Code of Conduct (pdf), and Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (pdf), as well as the VCGH Club Rules.
VCGH Youth

From 12, children can continue with VCGH Jets activities (up to the age of 16) and/or are welcome to join club rides, providing they meet the criteria below.

Riders age 12 - 16 joining club rides will be required to ride with a parent/legal guardian or other adult authorised to act in loco parentis.

All youth riders will be invited to complete a short evaluation to make sure they have adequate bike handling skills, road awareness, physical ability and maturity to join a VCGH club ride. This is because club rides take place on sometimes busy public roads in often challenging terrain and it is VCGH's priority to ensure that youth riders will enjoy the rides and remain safe at all times.

What you need to do if you're interested in joining club rides?