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March: VCGH March 17 - The last 3.5km

March is windy wet and rolling. Its a bit of up, a bit of down a tight turn and a sprint for home. This segment fits nicely into the end of a good ride. Just close your eyes a imagine it's the final of Roubaix, Strade, Flanders, Omloop (Insert favourite spring race). Embrace the damp conditions and let the adrenaline flow a little.  Next month we'll be recreating Milan San Remo! Ride carefully, be safe....but ride hard.

** There was a Strava outage on the day results were taken, please email me on **

Womens Results

1Lara TaylorApr 13, 201739.6km/h05:48
2Jackie JohnsonMar 31, 201737.4km/h06:08
3Emma PostonMar 18, 201734.9km/h06:35
4Julia GerholdApr 2, 201732.6km/h07:03
5Sheena RogersMar 26, 201731.8km/h07:13
7Jackie FieldusMar 26, 201729.2km/h07:52
8Ali WaltersMar 26, 201729.1km/h07:54
9lara HarrisonMar 26, 201729.0km/h07:56
13Jackie HallApr 1, 201726.6km/h08:38

Mens Results

1Will Ranoe Morvélo Basso RTApr 12, 201747.7km/h04:49
2Mark Pritchard | VCGHApr 8, 201745.5km/h05:03
3Mark Herbert | VCGHMar 11, 201745.3km/h05:04
3Jon HughesMar 31, 201745.3km/h05:04
3Matt HillMar 4, 201745.3km/h05:04
6Chris ParkerMar 11, 201745.0km/h05:06
7Ben BrownApr 8, 201744.2km/h05:12
7Alastair BApr 8, 201744.2km/h05:12
7Luke EdwardsMar 31, 201744.2km/h05:12
10James AndrewsMar 19, 201742.7km/h05:23
11David LancasterApr 8, 201742.4km/h05:25
12Tim Rogers ᵛᶜᵍʰApr 8, 201742.0km/h05:28
13colin pattoApr 8, 201741.8km/h05:30
14Ross OvensMar 19, 201741.5km/h05:32
15David TriskaMar 12, 201741.4km/h05:33
16Seb MortonApr 8, 201741.3km/h05:34
17Steve DaviesApr 2, 201740.9km/h05:37
18Dave JApr 8, 201740.7km/h05:39
19Marco BeestroMar 12, 201740.3km/h05:42
19Peter DaviesMar 28, 201740.3km/h05:42
19Robin GueMar 28, 201740.3km/h05:42
22Paul DaviesMar 28, 201740.2km/h05:43
23Tim PowellApr 13, 201739.9km/h05:45
23Chris MottMar 12, 201739.9km/h05:45
26Oli WoodcockMar 18, 201739.6km/h05:48
26Matt KevernMar 22, 201739.6km/h05:48
28Tim GroseMar 11, 201739.5km/h05:49
29Simon SchultzMar 19, 201739.4km/h05:50
29Steven ByersMar 19, 201739.4km/h05:50
31Richard BallMar 20, 201739.1km/h05:52
34Ike on BikesApr 7, 201737.8km/h06:05
36Kristian SheglovaApr 8, 201736.7km/h06:15
37Steve CromwellApr 8, 201736.7km/h06:16
37Duncan BoxallApr 8, 201736.7km/h06:16
39Bryan EvansMar 4, 201736.3km/h06:20
40Simon HewitsonApr 14, 201736.2km/h06:21
42David Bennett : VCGH / Deux MilleMar 12, 201736.0km/h06:23
44Jim HuntMar 12, 201735.7km/h06:26
45Christopher HarrisonMar 12, 201735.6km/h06:27
46Steve StreetApr 2, 201735.2km/h06:32
49Hoy toyMar 12, 201734.6km/h06:38
52Adam Coomber I VCGHApr 14, 201734.1km/h06:44
52Graham HemmingsMar 19, 201734.1km/h06:44
54Paul MarshApr 2, 201734.0km/h06:45
55Warren ApplegateApr 15, 201733.7km/h06:49
55Lawrie VinceMar 19, 201733.7km/h06:49
55Keith DownieMar 19, 201733.7km/h06:49
59Ross LeightonMar 4, 201733.2km/h06:55
60Steven HallMar 18, 201733.1km/h06:56
61Matthew HurstMar 11, 201733.0km/h06:57
63Paul BarrMar 19, 201732.7km/h07:01
64Seamus KeatingMar 18, 201732.4km/h07:05
65Gary GodwinApr 15, 201732.3km/h07:07
66Ralph BuschowMar 18, 201730.6km/h07:31