The VCGH Strava Challenge 2016

This is it, your chance to pit your thighs, calves and lungs against your fellow VCGH riders.  The ones who talk too much, cut you up and never pay for coffee.  In its second year the VCGH Strava challenge has ironed out a few bumps and decided that home is where the heart is….  We’ve planned out segments as close as possible to VCGH HQ (We don’t actually have a HQ but you get our drift!!) The GC, as a result, should be more accessible, and with the added bonus of riders being allowed “ONE” month out and remaining in the CG (See rules) what could be better to keep you riding all year round.

We’ll be kicking off in January, and continuing each and every month, with a mixture of 'rolling', 'flat' and 'mountain' segments selected for you to challenge yourself and your fellow club mates throughout the year.  We’ll also be trying to source some prizes this year…more when we have it…suffice to say it may involve beer and/or cakes, maybe even coffee for the purists.
The Rules:
1. You will need to be a paid up member of the club and have a personal Strava account. If you haven't already, join the VCGH Strava club.
2. Record a time on each of the segment between 00:01hrs on the 1st of the month and 23:59hrs on the last day of the month.
3. Ride the segment as many times as you like with only your best time counting.
4. Regular road bikes only (No TT bars, TT bikes etc **Apart from the VCGH TT stage in July where anything goes**)
5. All segments may be ridden solo or on club runs, group rides.
6. Riders can remain in the GC if missing one month’s segment but will be awarded a penalty time which will be equal to the slowest time that month on that segment by a VCGH rider (Male / Female) +1 second.
If you would like to suggest a segment, sponsor a segment or competition or offer a prize (and that doesn't mean we accept bribes) please email:  We will be actively seeking a few prizes for 2016

The 2016 Segments:
Jan: Hambledon Climb - (1.6km at 2% 27m elevation diff) - Rolling
Feb: Suffield Lane - (1.8km at 3% 55m elevation diff) - Climb
Mar: - Sprint
Jul: VCGH TT Course (G10/45) - (10.0mi at 0% - 'Rolling')