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Strava Competition 2020: SUSPENDED


Unfortunately, as from Thursday 18 June 2020, we have had to suspend the Strava Challenge. This is due to emerging information that British Cycling insurance - both for clubs and for individuals - is voided by promotion or participation in such an event. This includes individuals holding BC race-level insurance, which is only valid for BC-authorised events.

The VCGH team are currently looking into whether alternative ways of insuring the challenge can be found, to enable us to reinstate the challenge.

In the meantime, the Club cannot support any Strava Challenge attempts by club members.



1Laura S | MB Cyclery RT00:04:5300:08:0700:07:5300:20:53-

2Lartay VCGH00:05:3900:09:5200:10:0000:25:3100:04:38

3Caroline Julian00:06:1000:10:3900:09:3100:26:2000:05:27

4Natalie Downie00:06:1000:10:3900:09:5100:26:4000:05:47


1David Lancaster00:04:1200:06:5800:07:1200:18:22-

2Ross Ovens00:04:1600:06:5900:07:2100:18:3600:00:14

3Will Ranoe | MB Cyclery RT00:04:1700:07:3000:06:4900:18:3600:00:14

4Seb Morton00:04:1700:06:4700:07:4100:18:4500:00:23

5Matt Hill00:04:2500:07:2600:06:5900:18:5000:00:28

6Karl VCGH00:04:2000:07:2100:07:2000:19:0100:00:39

7Rob Julian00:04:2600:07:4100:07:1300:19:2000:00:58

8Mark Herbert | VCGH00:04:3700:07:3100:07:2400:19:3200:01:10

9Tim P | VCGH00:04:5300:08:0600:07:3100:20:3000:02:08

10Jeremy Meredith | VCGH00:04:0100:07:0000:09:3100:20:3200:02:10

11Tim Rogers00:04:5200:08:0600:07:4300:20:4100:02:19

12Chris Parker00:05:0300:08:4800:07:2900:21:2000:02:58

13Mark P | VCGH00:04:5700:07:4600:08:5000:21:3300:03:11

14Ben Brown00:05:0000:08:4100:08:0300:21:4400:03:22

15Simon W | VCGH00:05:1300:08:4800:07:4900:21:5000:03:28

16Paul Marsh00:05:4000:09:1800:08:4800:23:4600:05:24

17Frank E00:05:5200:09:5800:09:0800:24:5800:06:36

18Ike on Bikes00:06:5400:12:2400:09:5800:29:1600:10:54

I appreciate not everyone was taking part in the segment challenge so please email me if you wish to be removed from GC.