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Strava GC - 2020

You can start celebrating now, because THE STRAVA CHALLENGE IS BACK FOR 2020! Will and Laura have kindly agreed to organise it once they return from their European adventure.

Don't worry, you can have EXTRA TIME to complete the January segment because it's already 7 January and we're only just launching the challenge. Your January segment time will still be noted at midnight on 31 January, but you can have until midnight on 7 February to improve that time (or to set a first time). If you want your time updated, you must contact Will or Laura by midnight on 7 February with your request, or your new time will not apply.

Rules of this year's challenge are not yet set in stone, but for now we're going to start as we have done in prior years, by picking out a segment and inviting any of you to pit your wits and your mince-pie loaded muscles against the clock.

Until Will and Laura have a chance to make up some of their own, these rules will apply:
  1. You will need to be a paid up member of the club and have a personal Strava Account. You can then request to join the VCGH Strava Club which will entitle you to be a participant of the challenge.
  2. You have until midnight on the last day of each month to complete the month's segment and you can attempt it as many times as you like - only your fastest time will qualify. No late entries or exemptions. However, if there are unforeseen obstructions on the segment (e.g. roadworks), the management reserves the right to make adjustments as they see fit.
  3. If you do not complete a segment by midnight on the last day of the month, a time will be awarded to you which is 1 second slower than the slowest time in your category for that month.
  4. As well as fastest male and female categories (awarded to the riders with the fastest cumulative time for all 12 segments), there may be other awards. Therefore, if you haven't got a hope of beating our fastest riders, or if you join VCGH or the challenge part way through the year, you may still be eligible for prizes! Hooray! May I point out that it's the taking part that counts! ...
  5. July's segment will be the G10/45 TT circuit. Entering the VCGH Club TT on 11 July, or volunteering at the event will qualify you for a deduction from your overall time.
  6. October's segment will be the GH44 Staple Lane hill climb. Entering the VCGH Open Hillclimb event on 17 October, or volunteering to help at the event will qualify you for a deduction from your overall time.
  7. Any human-powered bicycle can be used to set a time. eBikes and other motorised vehicles are not allowed. Whether or not you use aero equipment (other than on the July or October segments where aero equipment is welcomed), or complete the segment riding on the wheel of a faster rider is down to you and your conscience.
  8. Please, above all, stay safe.