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Introductory Rides

What you will need
  1. A road-worthy bike. This can be a road bike or a hybrid, but if you have a mountain bike we'd suggest installing slick tyres. Ensure your tyres are not worn, are pumped to the recommended psi, and are free from cuts and flints.
  2. We STRONGLY recommend wearing a cycle helmet.
  3. Drink & snacks. The ride will incorporate a cafe stop, but you'll still need at least one bottle of drink and a few snacks in case you run out of energy en route.
  4. Money, a charged mobile phone, credit card and emergency phone number.
  5. Basic toolkit (see our recommended list).
Don't worry if you don't know how to fix a puncture or perform basic roadside maintenance. We'll teach you!

Basic group riding skills

  1. Always obey traffic regulations and ride courteously.
  2. Keep up with the rider in front, aiming to ride at a constant pace. Don't stop or change course suddenly. 
  3. Don't overlap the wheel of the rider in front. If they have to pull out suddenly for an obstacle in the road, you'll be the one on the ground.
  4. Signal your manoeuvres early and call out "stopping" in good time if you're drawing to a halt.
  5. Point to hazards and obstacles in the road, and shout "hole" for significant potholes.
  6. In the event of traffic on narrow roads, call out "car back" or "car up" for all riders to hear.
  7. Call out if you have a puncture or if you notice a rider is off the back of the group, so that the leader can slow or stop.
Read our comprehensive Safety & Etiquette Guidelines.