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Ride Levels

VCGH caters for a wide variety of road riders, from beginners to casual weekend riders to those training and racing regularly. This is a brief description of the rides we try and provide for our members. You can see who is responsible for leading and sweeping on our rides here.

If you have not ridden with us before, please email or a ride leader to introduce yourself and check you're joining an appropriate group.

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Ladies' Beginners /Introductory

A series of twice monthly rides for women who may be new, or unfamiliar, with group riding.  Rides will be between 15 – 25 miles long depending on the ability/requirements of the group.  The group will ride at the pace of the slowest person and will stop and regroup at the top of hills and junction intersections as necessary. 

If you wish to come along, please ensure that you sign the ride sheet on the VCGH website.  Rides will only take place with confirmed participants.

Please contact Jackie if you require further information.

Marco Burgin is in charge of the introductory road rides, which he runs every Sunday through the summer. If you're new to cycling or unsure of your abilities, this is where to start. There will be plenty of people there to give you advice and tell you when you're ready to progress.

  • Format: 20-30 miles @ 12-13mph [32-48km @ 19-21kph] with cafe stop. Gently undulating terrain.
  • Rider level: Beginner, inexperienced or unsure, riders without road-specific bikes.
  • Leaders: Marco Burgin, 

Sociable, manageable rides focused on building group-riding skills, and developing from introductory level.

  • Format: 30-40 miles @ 13-14mph [48-64km @ 21-23kph] with cafe stop. Undulating terrain.
  • Rider level: Casual, social, improver.

Social Moderate
Friendly, moderately-paced rides in varied terrain, with focus on enjoyment and group dynamics. Riders regroup at tops of hills and junctions.

  • Format: 40-70 miles @ 14-15.5mph [64-113km @ 23-24.5kph] with cafe stop. Often hilly terrain.
  • Rider level: Reasonable fitness levels and some experience at group riding.

Strong-paced rides in varied terrain, with emphasis on training and consistency. Riders regroup but the idea is to keep going.

  • Format: 40-70+ miles @ 15.5-17mph [64-113km @ 24.5-27kph] with cafe stop. Often hilly terrain.
  • Rider level: Good fitness levels and experience at group riding.

Mod Plus
Strong, fast-paced rides in varied terrain, with emphasis on training and challenge. Riders regroup but the idea is to keep going.

  • Format: 40-70+ miles @ 17+mph [64-113km @ 27+kph] with cafe stop. Often hilly terrain. Can include intervals and sprint efforts.
  • Rider level: Good fitness levels and experience at group riding.

Challenging rides in varied terrain. Pace is group-dependent and can be fast, so you should have a good level of fitness and experience at group riding. Be prepared for a mix of steady group riding, through-and-off efforts, pushing hard up hills, and occasional sprints off the front. Riding with a GPS or map can provide you with a safety net if you decide to make your own way home.

  • Format: Various formats at 18+mph [29+kph]. 
  • Rider level: Strong, experienced.

Race Pace
Training rides for road racers in many different formats including chaingang sessions. Only for those experienced at and capable of riding at very high speeds. No promises if you get dropped.

  • Format: Various formats focusing on aerobic training @ 20-22mph [29-35kph] .
  • Rider level: Only for those experienced in group riding at high speeds.
  • Pre-ride sign-up required.

Bring basic puncture-repair kit, spare tubes, tyre levers, pump and multi-tool with you on all club rides, as well as energy food, drink, and appropriate clothing to fend off the seasonal weather.

Please check the calendar for more information, and email the ride leaders if you have any questions.

Lara Taylor
Road Captain