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The Race Team

Ben Brown

Chris Parker
Race Team Captain


Race Preference: Crits. Town Centre Crits. Vets League.

Seasons Raced: 11 

First Season: 1991

Best Recent Results: 
4th Wallingford Town Centre Crit 2017, 3rd Surrey League VETS Dunsfold May 2018, 3rd Portsmouth Crits (Mountbatten) Aug 2018, 4th  Portsmouth Crits (Mountbatten)  Sept 2018, 5th Winchester P&R Crits June 2018, 7th Farnham TCR July 2018

Dani Foreshaw

David Lancaster

Debbie Morgan
Duncan Robertson
Gary Spicer
Jeremy Meredith
Jonathan Dobson
Jools Enticknap

Karl Chandler
Cat: 3

Race Preference: Mod + if there is such a pace during a race

Seasons Raced: 2

First Season: 2017

Best Recent Results: 
Finishing in one piece....
Kate Cheeseman

Laura Senior

Cat: 3

Race Preference: Not sure yet but I’m excited to race some town centre crits in July as I like a technical challenge. Lee Valley Road Race Circuit is my favourite so far.

Seasons Raced: 1

First Season: 2019

Best Recent Results: 
1st at Mountbatten Ladies 234 (April ‘19) and 1st at Winchester Car Park Crit Ladies E1234 (April ‘19) Was very happy to not finish last with the 3rd Cat Men at Mountbatten recently too!
Mark Herbert
Matt Hill

Matt Kevern

Cat: 3


Seasons Raced: 2


Race Preference: Crits


First Season: 2018


Best Race Results: 2nd at Mountbatten in May 2018


Been riding for years, however started racing in 2018 to ‘give it a go’ and I had a great time. Managed to get 3 top tens and enough points to get 3rd Cat. If anyone is thinking about giving racing a try, go for it! What have you got to loose!

Oli Woodcock
Richard Moore

Robbie Collison
Cat: 3

Seasons Raced: 4

Race Preference: Crits but looking to get into road races this season

First Season: 2016

Best Race Results: 1st Dunsfold Park Crits May 2017, 5th Hillingdon Crits Feb 2017, 10th Hillingdon Crits Dec 2016

I'm a relatively new member to VCGH (just over a year) but I’ve been racing for 4 years initially in London at both Lee Valley and Hillingdon circuits. Since moving out of London I’ve been able to grab a win at Dunsfold Park early last season to move up to Cat 3. More recently I’ve raced at the Goodwood circuit but I’m also looking to compete in some of the ‘flatter’ road races this season.

Ross Ovens


Race Preference: Crits.

Seasons Raced: 2

First Season: 2018

Best Recent Results: 
Preston Park Crits, 3rd place, March 2019 & Hillingdon Crits, 4th place, March 2019

I only really started towards the end of last season with a few crit races but enjoyed it so much that I trained over the winter to target an early promotion to Cat 3.
Simone Dill

Tim Powell

Cat: 3

Race Preference: Will try my hand at anything but mostly focussed on vets racing this year

Seasons Raced: 3

First Season: 2016

Best Recent Results: 

I once got 3rd place at Dunsfold in a race of more than 3 riders!