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Tuesday Chain Gang

MEETING POINT:  Bel & Dragon Pub.
START TIME:  19:15 to 19:30 tbc
AVERAGE PACE:  30 kmph to 40 kmph
PROTOCOL: Fast paced group riding to develop race skills and fitness

A formation of riders cycling in a close knit formation.  Each rider taking turns in the wind and then dropping to the back of the group.  The continuous flow of riders and movement in the group replicates that of links in a chain which therefore gave rise to the term Chain Gang.

Road racing requires the mastering of many skills.  Group riding and riding at pace in a chain gang are just two of the skills you will need to be comfortable with to race successfully.  You will often see in the pro race scene chain ganag or 'paceline' riding when groups form a break at the head of the race.  Each rider only spends a few seconds in the wind, before moving to the side and slip[ping to the back of the group.  Chain Gangs are run on the VCGH Bel & Dragon Circuit These will be posted on the website events calendar.

Each chain gang night is different depending on the riders attending.  Generally we discuss what the group is doing before setting off but on a normal night we will do 3 or 4 circuits of 12km.  The first couple of circuits will be done as a solid group keeping together on climbs and perfecting technique.  Average pace ranges from 30 to 34kmph.  Jumps road and the last 1km of the circuit is at pace and designed to push your limits with the group stopping at the Bel & Dragon to re-group and plan the next circuit.#

If you turn up late just wait @ the Bel & Dragon and in about 20 mins the group will complete a circuit and re-group.

FIRST TIME YOU RIDE:  Introduce yourself, tell the group your experience, ask questions and ride safely within your limits.  there is no shame in dropping back if you are uncomfortable.  If that happens then join a club night (see below) and improve your skills / pace.

CHAIN GANG CLUB NIGHTS: On selected nights through the summer the race team will run an open night for ANY VCGH club members who wish to learn about riding in a chain gang but cannot manage the regular pace.  As such, we will purely focus on technique and NOT pace.  The groups will be lead by a regular race team member and will be designed to show you what its like to ride in close formation and the joys of chain gang.  Lookout for news and dates, likely to be the last Tuesday in the month...EVERYONE welcome.

Questions? email