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Getting Started

If you want to get started at cycle racing or just want to give it a try, then there is something for everyone and a huge amount of support available within the VCGH team and plenty of online tips and tricks.

To get started at racing you need three things:
  1. General fitness and comfort riding at speed - see the Race Training section
  2. Race License - either an annual or a day license is required, these are available via British Cycling or via the race event organiser for a day license.
  3. Road bike of your choice, associated clothing and equipment. Note that a hemet is mandatory for all events.
  4. Select a race event from the British Cycling events page and sign up.
Road racing generally falls into two categories, a criterium or a road race. There are other categories such as time trials (TT's) but this is covered in the TT section of the VCGH site.

Criterium (Crit) Race:

Races begin from a standing start and are shorter than road races, often only lasting for an hour. Closed road circuits often have demanding corners with lots of braking, accelerating and cornering, demanding power and riding skill.

Often called ‘criterium’ (or crit for short), these races are most often part of a league that lasts all season, allowing riders to compete for overall victory

Road Race:

Bunch events that take place on the open road over a pre-determined lap or laps. Riders sign on at a HQ before the race begins in a ‘neutralised’ form – allowing the peloton to group-up before racing commences.

Races can either be stand-alone events of part of a league or series and could be a one day or multi-day event.

Race Silver Membership Benefits

For £40 a year (that's just over £3 a month) you will receive: