Welcome to the VCGH Road Race team.  Founded 2014.

Over the last few years there have been a growing number of riders from the club wishing to road race, which led to the formation of the race team.  This isn’t a chosen group of riders, but a team of individuals who are actively taking part in road races under club colours.  There is no selection or entry criterion you just have to be interested in road racing and want to take part. 

The VCGH Road Racing Ethos: ‘Race and have fun’.  However, as with any form of ‘racing’ its fast and competitive.  Therefore the team is designed to add a loose structure which will support any rider wishing to race in VCGH colours. To nurture and encourage those individuals through advice, training and riding together as part of the wider club.

I want to race, where do I start?

Follow these 4 easy steps;

1) Do some group riding.   Look at the ride calendar and find the moderate to pacey rides which run year round or join the weekly chain gang rides.  Chain gangs don’t run every week in the winter but will in the spring and summer.   These rides will introduce you to fast group riding, give you an idea of pace and introduce you to current team members who will always encourage and advise.  If you want to feel broken, then there is a ride to break you!

2)  Join the British Cycling Federation (right) and get a racing license; British Cycling:  You need silver or gold membership and the full race license.  Only get the provisional license if you have no intention of racing any more than one race…. 

3)      Join the Surrey League.  this is not a prerequisite, you can race all over the country and there are local races purely through the British Cycling Federation.  However, the monopoly on entry level racing in our area is definitely Surrey League and VCGH, as an affiliated club gets you weekly races in the summer all at Cat 4 for a small annual fee.  The league stipulates any new rider at Cat 4 MUST undertake 2 rider training courses before entering a league event.  This may seem like another expense (£20 per session) but they are invaluable and highly recommended even if you never race in the league.  Training courses run all year round and are advertised on the Surrey League website.

4)      ENTER A RACE….

These steps can seem complicated & entering races for the first time can be a big thing for some.  So speak to current race team members that have a year or more seasons racing.  They will be happy to advise and help.

To race, you will need to buy a FULL race license through British Cycling:

Race Silver Membership Benefits

For £40 a year (that's just over £3 a month) you will receive: