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Club 10 Series 2018

2018 will be the fifth year we run our short series of club time trials on the G10/45 - a local 10-mile SPOCO (sporting course) around Kirdford/Plaistow. After the success of last year's inaugural hill climb, we'll repeat that again this year as the finale to our season in October, and it will run on the same course - the 1750 yard GH/44 on Staple Lane (behind Combe Lane north of Shere). All the events are run for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their rules and regulations as shown in the current handbook (and here).

The events are club time trials, so there's no pre-booking necessary; just turn up at the HQ, sign up and pay £4.00 entry fee to receive your number (this covers a levy to the CTT and - over the full season - the costs of signage and number purchasing, HQ hire and refreshments). Although the events are put on for VCGH club members, we also welcome any of our local cycling club friends who'd like to come and test their mettle.

Riders will be set off from the start line from 08:01 at 1 minute intervals. There is a maximum of 40 riders so all riders should be off the road by around 09:15.

The 10 mile TT is on quiet country lanes but involves some bends and junctions which make the course mildly technical. All necessary junctions will be marshalled and signposted but please familiarise yourself with the course description before you ride.

The HQ for the 10 mile TTs is the Loxwood Sports Club which will be open for sign-on from 07:15-07:45 and afterwards for cake, tea and results. 

The 10-mile course is the CTT-approved G10/45. 

The hillclimb course is the CTT-approved GH/44.
  • Description
  • Strava course (this is a few metres short of the official TT, to save on Garmin confusion at the start line).

Any questions please contact Lara. Anybody willing to volunteer, please do the same.

You don't need any fancy aero equipment (though if you have it, you're welcome to use it), and you don't need to have done a time trial before. Just come along and try it. Even if you're not interested in time trialling, it's a good excuse for a maximal workout.

  • Event 1: Saturday 14th April. 
  • Event 2: Saturday 19th May. 
  • Event 3: Saturday 23rd June. 
  • Event 4: Saturday 14th July. 
  • Event 5: Saturday 18th August. 
  • Event 6: Saturday 15th September. 
  • Hillclimb: Saturday 13th October.

For all 10-mile events, sign-on is 07:15-07:45; first rider off at 08:01. 

For the hillclimb, sign-on from 08:15; first rider off at 09:01.