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Annual Membership or New to the Club?

As of Friday 1st April 2016 the annual membership fee is set at £25.00 per annum.
Payment is by way of a PayPal subscription which can be setup by following the instructions below.


Club membership is £25.00 per annum for those aged 25 and over and £5.00 for those under 25. Please click on the relevant button below to complete your payment.

£25.00 per annum for 25 year olds and over

£5.00 per annum  for under 25 years olds

Getting the Right Insurance

Insurance isn't something we immediately think of when it comes to bikes and biking, but it's important and not very expensive. more


Should you for any reason wish to cancel your membership subscription, there are two actions required. 

  1. Please remember to cancel your PayPal subscription, advice on how to do that can be found here.
  2.  To help us run a better club we'd like to know why you're leaving. Would you please take the 3 minutes it takes to click on the button below to complete our leavers survey and notify the membership secretary of your decision.

Collette Patto
Membership Secretary