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Renewing Your Annual Membership or New to the Club?

As of Monday 26th November 2012 we have changed the membership renewal system slightly. 

Rather than the Membership Secretary having to nag and remind you to pay your annual membership fee we have introduced a PayPal subscription for collecting the annual membership fees. This simply means that you will be nagged and reminded by PayPal rather than our Membership Secretary!

Getting the Right Insurance

Insurance isn't something we immediately think of when it comes to bikes and biking, but it's important and not very expensive. more


Club membership is £ 5.00 if you are under 25 years old and £15.00 per annum thereafter. Please click on the relevant button below to complete your payment.

Over 25 Years Old

Under 25 Years Old


Should you for any reason wish to cancel your membership subscription please click on the button below to complete our survey and notify the membership secretary of your descision.

Collette Patto
Membership Secretary