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We welcome all who enjoy cycling for the fun or the challenge. It's all about being outside and enjoying the beautiful local area, the Surrey hills and anywhere else that provides great cycling.

Getting the Right Insurance

Insurance isn't something we immediately think of when it comes to bikes and biking, but it's important and not very expensive. more

Try Before you Buy

If you’re interested in joining VCGH, the first thing to do is to fill out a club membership application form - this will give us your key details in case of an emergency then simply come out and ride with us. Have a look at the club calendar to choose a ride that suits your ability, making sure you know where to meet us (for road rides or MTB), email the ride leader if you’ve got any questions, and get on your bike. It’s as simple as that!  Any queries please feel free to email our Membership Secretary.

If after you’ve been out for THREE club rides you want to keep riding with us, we would ask you to pay your dues and become a club member.

Becoming a Member

There are three separate elements to be completed in order to apply for membership of VC Godalming and Haslemere.  
  1. If you haven't already, complete and submit the Membership Application Form.
  2. Pay the annual membership fee via the Paypal Subscribe link.
  3. Email a head and shoulders photo to the Membership Secretary.
The good news is that all three elements can be completed online from this page using the buttons and links below.

Having completed the membership application form please click on the Subscribe button below to start your annual subscription. Club membership is £15.00 per annum. Rather than the Membership Secretary having to nag and remind you to pay your annual membership fee we have introduced a PayPal subscription for collecting the annual membership fees. This simply means that you will be nagged and reminded by PayPal rather than our Membership Secretary!

Membership runs for a calendar year from the date you join. You will receive a membership card shortly after you’ve paid which will allow you to make use of joining benefits such as our 10% discount at Cycleworks.

Fees for the year go towards the club’s affiliations for SL, IMBA, BCF, RTTC and CTC as well as the various small overheads that the running of the club incurs.

Lastly email a good headshot photo of yourself to our Membership Secretary.

Collette Patto
Membership Secretary