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This is not intended to be the last word on insurance; just one member giving his view on insurance and the liabilities you may be exposing yourself to when you're out on your bike.

Here's a scenario you may not have fully considered: You're out on a club ride; you swing out to avoid a drain cover in the left hand gutter and knock into your mate Phil who comes off. Just at that moment there's a car coming in the opposite direction. Unfortunately Phil is clipped by the oncoming car, breaks a leg and hip and is concussed, and as a consequence is off work for three months.

Phil just regards it as 'one of those things'. He has loss of income insurance so claims against his insurer and happily informs you that they have agreed to cover his costs. All is well - but not quite so. Phil's insurers take you to court claiming that you were the liable party in this claim and wish to be indemnified. This is exactly the way an insurer will deal with such a matter and there are innumerable instances of this within cycling and sports in general.

VCGH membership doesn't automatically provide any insurance cover except for its ride leaders, so we strongly recommend you look elsewhere for your cover. There are a number of places where you can get third party liability insurance to cover instances such as that described above, one of which is to become a 'Ride Member' of British Cycling. For an annual fee (£44 at present for age 18+) this will give you £15m of third party liability insurance together with legal support if someone else causes an accident in which you are involved (it also includes various offers and discounts).

Whilst third party liability insurance is a must, you should also consider adding your bikes to your household insurances as named items or take a look at the offering for bike insurance on the British Cycling website.

Finally if you take trips abroad with the cub we will insist that you have a repatriating medical insurance policy in place at the time of the trip. This is to ensure that in the unlikely event that you are seriously injured whilst abroad you can get home even if you are mangled up. Repatriating insurance should be taken out for the specific risk group of ‘touring cyclist’ and is available through and many other insurers.