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Club Kit

In 2014 members voted for the club kit to undergo a redesign with a view to improving the quality, fit and range of garments available as well as updating the design. After some comparison, Castelli was chosen as our supplier.

A certain amount of stock kit is usually held by the club at any one time in the core items (ss jersey, windstopper gilet, volo/competizione bibshorts). Other items are ordered at various times through the year depending on season and demand.

Current stock is listed in the spreadsheet on the right. If you are interested in purchasing any kit, please email with details of which items you are interested in. If there are no stock levels of the kit you wish to purchase, please also email, as this will inform our next order process.

There is also a small amount of second hand kit available at a discount (70%, 60%, 50% of full value, depending on condition) which is also listed on the spreadsheet on the right (click the 2nd hand tab at the bottom). If you would like to buy any 2nd hand kit, or have any that you would like to sell, please email for more info.

The items available in the range are:
  • Team Jersey / Women's Team Jersey (no longer in production but some sizes still available) reduced to £40
  • Squadra Jersey / Women's Squadra Jersey (the new basic model jersey). Some sizes available. £60
  • Competizione Jersey / Women's Competizione Jersey (a slightly different style of basic jersey similar to Team Jersey). Most sizes available. £60
  • Climber's Jersey (super thin) £60
  • Aero Race Jersey £60-£78 depending on year
  • Thermal Longsleeve Jersey £74
  • Volo Bibshort (no longer in production but some sizes in stock) reduced to £50
  • Competizione Bibshort (updated Volo) £70
  • Free Aero Race Bibshort £96
  • Women's Free Aero Waist Short £82 (usually a stock item)
  • Free Winter Bibshort £98
  • Free Winter Bibtight £104
  • Windstopper Winter Jacket £114
  • Windstopper Vest £65 (usually a stock item)
  • Windstopper Vest with back pocket £75
  • Men's Gabba Team £120
  • Women's Gabba Team £120-£135 depending on order qty
  • Thermoflex Armwarmer £28 (usually a stock item)
  • Pro light wind vest £52
  • Pro fit rain jacket £122
  • Viva Thermo Skully £14 (usually a stock item)
  • Head Thingy (buff) £16 (usually a stock item)
Our TT, road race skinsuits and trisuits are supplied by Bioracer to order, although there are often one or two items in stock at any time.

Please contact for more information.