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Will Wins @ Hillingdon

posted 17 Dec 2014, 08:43 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 17 Dec 2014, 08:43 ]
Will Ranoe (cat 3) stormed to an amazing breakaway victory at the weekend over not just his fellow cat 3 racers, but also the elites and cats 1 & 2 riders as well, causing quite a stir amongst the Imperial Winter Series guys at Hillingdon.

"The funny thing about racing is that it’s often not so much amusing as plain barmy! Saturday’s race felt similar to the previous week – similar bright sunny but cold conditions – and no obvious stand out, straight from the crate winner. This seems to be the only logical reason for the ending – yes, there were a few breaks Steve Golla (High Wycombe RT), previous winner Graham Crow (Twickenham CC) – but these were soon snuffed out. Jerzy Kuzminski (London Bicycle Workshop) snuck away with Jonnie Blackman (Panagua CC) and it was as they were caught that one of last week’s breakaway riders Will Ranoe (VCGH) powered off and created a gap; this was clearly a popular move as he was cheered from the sidelines. Tom Sefton (RP Racing Team) got tantalisingly close to Ranoe in the last kilometre but couldn’t quite get there; the palpable excitement of this super win was then proceeded by total chaos for the last 50 metres – we rarely mention crashes in these reports: mainly to protect the innocent, but in this case the ensuing deluge of photo’s, video footage and social media comment make it unavoidable. Riders were everywhere, on the ground, off the ground, going through the photo finish backwards and several preferring the less obvious targets of the Scott easi-up, first aider Barry Hollis and coach Nigel Job! When the dust settled everyone pretty much walked away - kit and bikes were damaged – but that’s racing."