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Tour of the Lod Valley TT

posted 15 Apr 2013, 08:27 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 15 Apr 2013, 08:52 ]
Despite torrential rain the night before, the weather for ...a3crg's Tour of the Lod Valley on Sunday 14th April turned unexpectedly decent; mild and dry with only a moderate wind from the south. Bare legs were seen! Short-fingered gloves were worn! No rain jackets were needed!

It was awesome to see so many VCGHers turn up for their first ever TT on what is essentially quite a tough little sporting course. Exposed to headwinds and crosswinds in places, with some reasonably technical descents and more than its fair share of gruesome little climbs (including almost all of the final 4 miles), it's a more brutal test than the typical undulating Surrey dual-carriageway 25-miler, though the time spent on the 22.1 mile course is comparable.

Pete Phipps and Rob Marcus both won awards for best on target, and VCGH won the award for 3rd placed team after ...a3crg and VC St Raphael. Sebastian Ader from ...a3crg won overall for the second year running in a time of 53:04, while the women's category was won by Lesley-Anne Walkling from VC St Raphael in a time of 1:06:46. The real congrats though, must go to the 6-or-so VCGHers who'd never done a TT before and still came back to the HQ smiling!

Many thanks to ...a3crg for putting on - as always - a seamlessly organised and very welcoming time trial with superb cakes and instant finishing times at the HQ.

 Name  Category    Time  Av mph
 10  Rob Marcus      VET  01:04:15  21.48
 14  Lara Taylor      WVET      01:07:55  20.33
 15  Peter Phipps  VET  01:08:18  20.21
 18  James Shrubshall  SEN  01:10:31  19.57
 20  Mark Herbert  VET  01:11:20  19:35
 21  Chris Parker      SEN  01:12:22  19:07
 22  Charles Fletcher  VET  01:12:51  18.94
 23   Ben Baxter  SEN      01:16:05  18.14
 25  Adrian Waddy  VET  01:18:24  17.60
 26  John Warran  VET  01:19:46  17.30
 28  Christopher Harrison  VET  01:21:39  16.90
 29  Elliot Brown  SEN  01:21:52  16.86
 1001  Collette Patto    DNS (Apols)  
 1004  Steven Byers    DNS  
 1006  Steve Shaw    DNS (Apols)  
 1007  James Thompson    DNS (Apols)