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Spring Onion Sportive

posted 21 Mar 2013, 03:19 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 27 Mar 2013, 14:54 ]
Despite the hideous weather forecast, most of the 24 VCGH riders who signed up to do 5034 Events' Spring Onion Sportive were present and accounted for at the Oxshott Club start line at 08:15 on Sunday 17th March. Heavy rain kicked in at about 09:00 and didn't stop for the rest of the day, mixing with cold temperatures and strong gusty winds to create quite gruelling conditions. Most of the team set off together and then splintered into small groups and individuals to complete the course. There were a few mechanicals on top of the inevitable punctures: Peter Davies had to withdraw early with a seized cassette, and Elliot Brown had to ring a mate for a pickup at Albury when his spoke broke. More problems arose when another event crossing paths with the Onion around Dunsfold/Hascombe - without clear explanation - caused a few riders to go astray. 

However, a very decent 15 riders managed to get back to the finish line and get themselves onto the results sheet, including 3 gold times, 4 silvers and a bronze.

Hats off to absolutely everyone who made it out in such grim conditions. It was great to see so many VCGH riders out on the course and to hear that most people enjoyed the experience. There'll be another group sportive posted in the next few days to look out for, and this time we'll aim for warm and dry!

 No.  Name      Category  Time  Award  
 564  Will Ranoe  30-39 M  3:59:15  Silver  
 254  Charlie Fletcher  50-59 M  3:59:22  Gold  3rd in category
 658  Lara Taylor  30-39 F  3:59:25  Gold  1st female
 590  Pete Ross  50-59 M  3:59:31  Gold  4th in category
 702  Keith Webster  40-49 M  4:09:02  Silver  
 694  John Warran  40-49 M  4:13:57  Silver  
 41  Ben Baxter  18-29 M  4:27:16    
 391  Paul Jordan  50-59 M  4:38:26  Bronze  
 529  Collette Patto  40-49 F  4:39:24  Silver  4th in category
 109  Steve Byers  30-39 M  4:45:30    
 199  Dave Dodgson  40-49 M  4:51:15    
 392  Dave Jordan  40-49 M  5:00:38    
 330  Mark Herbert  40-49 M  5:04:51    
 596  John Samuel  60+ M  5:06:20    
 527  Graham Hemmings      50-59  5:10:43    
 91  Elliot Brown  18-29  DNF    
 178  Peter Davies  50-59  DNF    
   Heinz Holsten (unofficial)