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Final 2014 VCGH Club 10

posted 14 Sept 2014, 10:13 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 14 Sept 2014, 22:41 ]
The 21 riders who made it to the final 2014 VCGH time trial on Saturday were greeted with dry roads, warm(ish) weather and the usual fantastic Linda Hoy post-race cakes. It's been a very rewarding experience running the TT series and I'm actually a bit sad the season's over for the year. The big highlight has been watching people give it a go for the first time ever, some because they're new to cycling and others because they haven't been tempted by dual carriageway courses but were willing to give this quiet rural course a go.

Of course the series wouldn't have been possible without the amazing support given by the dedicated volunteer crew. Huge thanks go out to the following people who've helped me throughout the season:

Marco Burgin
Brian Waters
Roger & Linda Hoy 
Matt Hurst
Roger Scott & Suzie Humphry
Nathan Hoy
Rob Wheeler
Peter Davies
Will Ranoe
Collette Patto
Julia Gerhold
Elliot Brown 
Chris Harrison
Shirley Parker
Chris Eaton 
Pete Ross 
Alastair Blowers 
Adrian Waddy 
Pete Phipps 
(I hope I haven't forgotten anyone)

The results for the final TT are now online here showing Steve Williamson's impressive form with a 22:54, followed in 2nd place by VC St Raphael's Simon Berogna in 23:29, and in 3rd with a 24:01 by Rupert Dickinson who has won 4 out of 6 of our TTs in his first year of time-trialing.

Kudos to those VCGH newbies who have had a crack at TT for the first time, especially Matt Hurst, Rob Wheeler, Chris Eaton and Chris Mott, who show varying degrees of number obsession already, and who I fully expect to be back next year showing us all how to do it!

And thanks in general to all the riders who've shown support for the series, even in the horrendous conditions we experienced for the July edition.

If you're interested, here's an overview of all of the results throughout the season on one sheet.

See you next year!