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VCGH Youth Mentors

posted 27 Jul 2017, 21:41 by Mark Burgin   [ updated 27 Jul 2017, 21:41 ]
VCGH Youth is for young adults aged between 12 and 17.  It offers young people a chance to experience all that the club has to offer in a safe and hopefully friendly environment.

VCGH Youth members have a VCGH Youth Membership card which has a photo ID and their emergency contact details on it, if a young person turns up for a ride and when asked by the ride leader they don't have a card, then the ride leader needs to let me know.

VCGH Youth members of 12 and 13 years old can only ride with the club if they are accompanied by their parent or guardian.  VCGH Youth members from 14 to 18 will be assessed by myself in my capacity as the Youth Officer (or a deputy) for maturity, bike safety and road skills prior to joining the VCGH Youth programme.  If successful they will become a Youth Member and will have a Club Mentor appointed.

A club mentor is there to help, guide and provide the level of support that the individual needs to become safer, more skilled, more confident youth member and to help the individual see how they can fit into and benefit from being a VCGH Youth member.  

As Club Members you are our eyes and ears in helping the Club to provide a safe and friendly environment.  Welfare concerns should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer (Lara) and safety, skills and confidence issues should be reported first to their mentor and he / she will discuss and report back to the Youth Officer (me).

Currently we have four mentor volunteers, if this is something you are interested in please let me know, the role is as big or little as you want to make it, you may choose to mentor only one person and control the amount of mentoring to suite your lifestyle or you may choose to do more, it’s up to you.


VCGH Chairman & Youth Officer

P.S. Note on DBS check
British Cycling are quite clear about when they require individuals to be DBS checked. They say it’s definitely not necessary within the context of youths joining club rides unless contact with youths exceeds once per week or four times in any month. I am happy to go ahead with normal people as mentors and just keep an eye on anyone who might be exceeding that base level of contact, at which point we can ask whether they’re happy to have a DBS check. I guess we should probably be up-front by saying that mentors won’t be required to have a DBS check unless their contact exceeds a certain amount, after which we can make an application through BC who will foot the bill. That way, if anyone’s uncomfortable about having a DBS check they can opt out from the start.