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VCGH Committee Meeting

posted 15 Jun 2014, 22:57 by Mark Burgin
The meeting took place at the Inn on the Lake Godalming, last Monday 9th June.  Again strictly speaking this isn't exactly a set of minutes, more a journal of what the Organising Committee is up to.  We organise the meeting on a rolling agenda, so if there's something you would like us to discuss please let one of the committee know.

 Briefing Note Discussion / Vote
Email from Gareth

The draft revisions to the constitution required under our CASC application were reviewed and it was decided that these should be put to the membership at an EGM

Revised Club Rules
Revised Articles
Revised Memorandum

Adam Denton briefed the committee on the proposal for the Club BBQ & Rother Valley Ride, no action required

Etiquette (draft)The Ride Etiquette guidelines were adopted by a unanimous vote by the committee 

The results of the various votes on club kit that have taken place were discussed, it was agreed that Lara would announce our decision shortly to the membership and that an opening order together with a stocking order would be proposed for review by the Treasurer.

It was decided that the Logo design / website rebranding would take place with immediate effect based on chosen kit design

Welcome Letter

New members letter of introduction and orientation was adopted by the committee

Risk Email

The committee was told that all 142 members ( the total membership) had now signed the new membership form

Insurance Briefing

No decision was taken

Insurance PolicyNo decision was taken

It was decided that Membership dues for persons aged between 18 & 24 would be reduced to £5.00

Briefing Note

Junior Membership progress report - No progress was reported

New bank account for Club Kit and Taking Card Payments - One further submission required.

Winter Tyre Promotion - no deal on tyres could be found and therefore no winter tyre discountpromotion will take place

Next Meeting is on September 22nd