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posted 13 Mar 2016, 05:12 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 14 Mar 2016, 13:26 ]
We've launched a new tool for our website in the shape of a WordPress blog. This can be accessed via the main navigation above, or directly at the temporary URL http://vcghblog.eyemoviesextranet.com.

The purpose of the blog is to introduce a few more voices into VCGH's online presence, giving an opportunity for all sorts of members to write about their experiences at VCGH, and also as a general aid to communication.

We'd like to invite anyone and everyone to submit articles to the blog! It doesn't matter whether it's a report on a specific event, or that you've just come back from a particularly enjoyable club ride you want to share. Maybe you want to talk about some particular technical aspect of cycling; power metres or heart rate training, for example. Anything and everything to do with our members' cycling lives is of interest. Hopefully we'll get some good race reports going up there, as well as photos from all areas of the club. The organising committee will also post official club news on the blog from time to time.

If you're interested in becoming a contributor; regular or not, please send an email to Lara or Marco and you will be given the correct permissions to write an article. Then all you have to do is tag your post with the correct categories and tags and you're good to go.

Eventually the blog will look a bit more like the VCGH website, but for now the functionality is there so we thought it should launch.