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VCGH Announcement

posted 29 Nov 2019, 07:20 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 29 Nov 2019, 07:21 ]

The VCGH Exec Team announces that Marco Burgin is resigning from his role as Chairman of the club, effective November 2019. 

Due to increasing work-travel pressure over the past several months, Marco has been less able to cycle regularly, and is no longer free to spend the time the Chairman role demands. He has therefore decided it is time to step aside and allow other club members to take on those responsibilities.

Marco has been involved in the leadership of VCGH for many years, and has worked very closely with Lara and the modern Exec Team since 2013, building VCGH into what it is today.

On the road, Marco has been one of the most visible and enthusiastic VCGH riders. He has dedicated every Saturday and Sunday to leading groups of various sizes and levels, making all marvel at his strength, endurance (and patience!). He has been the first welcome for many new riders, guiding them in the finer points of group riding etiquette and our club’s community spirit. His charm and charisma have led to a firm set of Sunday Social apostles from all areas of the club’s ranks.

Many have benefited from the trips he has organised and led over the years, from day trips in the UK to multi-day adventures to Paris, the Alps, Pyrenees, and Northern France; every trip organised to the last detail through an unstinting passion to see other people enjoy their cycling and achieve more than they thought possible. He has also been the first to volunteer on setup or support crews, from Race Across America and Land’s End John O’Groats, to Bikefest and the TT series. There are few club events at which he has not been a participant or organising force.

Behind the scenes he has been a joy to work with; always driven and committed to the task at hand, passionate about fostering the club’s ethos, forever supportive of new ideas, and infusing everything with his irreverent sense of humour: An inspirational mentor.

I’m sure everybody would like to join with me to thank Marco sincerely for his enormous positive contribution over the years. Though he is not disappearing altogether (we hope to see him at various club events in the future, not least at Bikefest which takes place in his back garden!), his daily presence will be much missed.

For the time being, Brian Waters will step up as acting Club Chairman. The Exec Team will expand to include Pete Ross who, amongst other activities, will assist Mark Wright with the financial functions of the club; and Frank Eisenhower, a much-valued logical head. There will probably be additional changes in the next couple of months, and a full structure will be discussed at the AGM in 2020’s first quarter (date TBC).

If you have a burning desire to get involved with the club’s organising team, now is the time!

Please direct any questions to Lara.