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Tuscany - Long Weekend - June 2013

posted 9 Jan 2013, 04:42 by Mark Burgin   [ updated 15 Jan 2013, 07:23 ]

As some of you know Charlie Fletcher spends a lot of time cycling in Italy. He is based in the Medieval walled city of Lucca, and he rides in the beautiful surrounding Tuscan hills

Charlie is planning a road trip to Lucca, and would like to invite club members to join him. The intention is to fly out on a Thursday and return the following Tuesday. This will give 5 good days of riding. It also gives the option for anyone that, for work or family reasons would prefer a shorter long weekend trip, can join on the Friday and return on the Monday. 

Charlie can organise airport pickup etc. whether coming for full or short trip. Pisa is the closest airport, with transfer time about 25 minutes. Charlie will be taking his own bike, but can arrange hire of good quality carbon bikes for about 25 Euros per day. If you would like to join him, or want more details, please email him cf@fletcherkennedy.com 


  • Location
    • Lucca, Tuscany, Italy
  • Departure
    • Thursday 6th June 2013
 Return Tuesday 11th June 2013
 Airport Gatwick / Pisa
 Organiser Charlie Fletcher
 Ride Plan 5 hours per day
 Hotel TBA

Signed Up (So far)

  •  Charlie Fletcher
    •  Roger Scott
 3 Suzzie Scott
 4 Marco Burgin
 5 Keith Webster
 6 Collette Patto
 7 Rob Marcus
 8 Dave Dodgson
 9 Chris Harrison
 10 Elliot Brown
  You ?

Ride Plan

Plan is to ride for 5 hours per day. Mostly this will be split in to two rides per day, either led by Charlie or Paladino local bike shop owner and ex pro rider.  We have one big climb planned, and another flattish ride heading for lunch at the beach.

Rough Costs

BA fly to Pisa every day. Return flight going out on 6th June returning 11th June is £127. BA will carry your bike as part of 23kg luggage allowance. Bike kit goes in bike case, other stuff goes in hand baggage.
For those renting bikes we can get deal of 25 Euros per day.
The hotel will charge 75 Euros per night for shared room or 120 for single occupancy.
Transfer to and from airport 100 Euros per car. Car will carry two bikes plus two passengers, or five passengers without bikes.

The Flight to Aim for