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The Spring Onion

posted 29 Jan 2013, 05:39 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 15 Mar 2013, 07:37 ]

Based on the feedback you've given me, here are the groups for the Spring Onion on Sunday, but please don't feel tied to the group I've put you in - make your mind up on the day based on how you're feeling or who you want to ride with. Feel free to start optimistically and drop back if you find the pace too hard (Group 2 is a combination of slightly different goals so might split naturally into 2 groups anyway). Likewise if you puncture, bear in mind there could be a group behind that can sweep you up. Group 1 won't be able to stop for punctures.

The idea is to benefit from riding in a group, so if you're feeling strong take a turn on the front, and if you're struggling, stay in the wheels for a bit. Always try to keep at a pace that keeps the group together. The most time can be made up on the flats by riding in a tight bunch and taking turns on the front. 

Wear club kit if you've got it. Bring spares if you have any to lend. Bring lots of snacks, gels and drink, particularly if you've agreed not to stop at feed stations.

Let's all try and set off together and split into groups after the off. Sign in and get ready, then meet at the start line at 08:15 to start as soon as everyone's there.

Any questions or concerns: email Lara.

Download the event organiser's Garmin file here (or from Bikeroutetoaster here). **UPDATED FRIDAY 15th**

GROUP 1: Aiming for Under 4 Hours (16.9mph / 27.3kph or above). Non-stop.

  • Alastair Blowers
  • Will Ranoe
  • Keith Webster
  • Mark Herbert
  • Peter Davies
  • Marco Burgin

GROUP 2: Aiming for 4:05 to 4:30 (15-16.5mph / 24.1-26.6kph). May stop at feed station (agree amongst yourselves).

  • Elliot Brown
  • Adam Coomber
  • Duncan Robertson
  • Johnnie Warran
  • Ben Baxter
  • Charlie Fletcher
  • Pete Ross
  • Dave Dodgson
  • Collette Patto
  • Lara Taylor

GROUP 4: Aiming for 4:30 to 5:00 (13.5-15mph / 21.7-24.1kph). May stop at feed station (agree amongst yourselves).

  • Steve Byers
  • John Samuel
  • Martin Reed (DNS)
  • Graham Hemmings

A great early season local sportive run by 5034 Events on Sunday 17 March 2013 from 08:00. 
More details and sign-up here.

The aim is to have a couple of club groups out on the ride working together to keep a good pace. Wear a club top if you have one!

Club members signed up as of end Feb (please email Lara with updates): 
  1. Ben Baxter
  2. Alastair Blowers
  3. Elliot Brown
  4. Mark Burgin
  5. Steve Byers
  6. Adam Coomber
  7. Peter Davies
  8. Dave Dodgson
  9. Charlie Fletcher
  10. Graham Hemmings
  11. Mark Herbert
  12. Dave Jordan
  13. Paul Jordan
  14. Collette Patto
  15. Peter Phipps
  16. Will Ranoe
  17. Martin Reed
  18. Duncan Robertson
  19. Pete Ross
  20. John Samuel
  21. Lara Taylor
  22. Johnnie Warran
  23. Keith Webster
  24. Matt Welsh

Latest information sent out by the event organiser:

The Spring Onion 17-3-2013 

We are marking the Spring Onion course on Friday 15-3-2013 with road paint and signs , a kind of belt and braces as ADULTS in the sticks just love taking our signs down, god knows why. 

At this same time we will be creating a new Garmin  file as we start from a different HQ this year. The file will be reloaded on the web after 18:00 on 15-3-2013. 

No paper maps will be available at the start as the signs and painted arrows will enable you to get back with ease providing you follow them.

The mid way tea stop is being catered by the ladies from Chartwell Barns and the final refreshments at the HQ by Bike Bean Cafe. 

Energy products will be available at the mid way point supplied by Power Bars.

HQ will open at 07:30 - riders will be rolled out in groups of 20 at circa 30-60 second intervals, we hope to start riders off from 08:00 but the latest 8:30 .

The mid feed closes at 12:30 and the ride closes at 3.30 , giving riders a maximum time of 7-7hrs 30 mins max to complete the course.

As you cross the line please hand in your chip , then redeem your number for refreshments in the HQ

Your number will be available at the HQ collection desk with the chip attached , so please don't remove the chip. You ride number will be available online after 18:00 on 15/3/2013 and at the start.

Gold/Silver/Bronze times are as below.

We look forward to seeing you - if you cant make it event at the last minute please email - thanks 



18-29 MALE <3.35:00 3:35:01-3:50:00 3:50:01-4:05:00
18-29 FEMALE <4:00:00 4:00:01-4:15:00 4:15:01-4:30.00
30-39 MALE  <3:50:00 3:50:01-4:05:00 4:05:01-4:20.00
30-39 FEMALE <4:15:00 4:15:01-4:30:00 4:30:01-4:45.00
40-49 MALE <4:05:00 4:05:01-4:20:00 4:20:01-4:35:00
40-49 FEMALE  <4:30:00 4:30:01-4:45:00 4:45:01-5:00:00
50-59 MALE  <4:20:00 4:20:01-4:35:00 4:35:01-4:50:00
50-59 FEMALE  <4:45:00 4:45:01-5:00:00 5:00:01-5:15:00
60+ MALE <4:35:00 4:35:01-4:50:00 4:50:01-5:05:00
60+ FEMALE <5:00:00 5:05:01-5:15:00 5:15:01-5:30:00