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Talent - Can you help

posted 27 Sept 2017, 02:37 by Mark Burgin   [ updated 27 Sept 2017, 02:37 ]
I received this email today and hope we can find someone in the Club riding at Moderate level probably capable of riding at Moderate plus who could act as a mentor / guardian to this young person who has that rare combination of commitment and it appears some considerable talent:

"I have a 13 year old (birthday today) son who has taken up road cycling with a passion. We have invested in all of the 'kit' (bike, clothing, energy bars, Stava, in house training aid etc etc) and Andy is regularly taking on solo rides of 30/40/50/60/80+ miles and an average speed of 15-17mph. He has also joined several Sportif events which he loves as it allows interaction rather than just solo riding however we have struggled to get Andy into any clubs which he is desperate to join. This is for two reasons:
1: They have waiting lists of up to a year or
2: The clubs at that age range don't really cater for the speed and distance that Andy enjoys

Andy would love to join the VCGH ride outs but it requires an adult to ride with him. Unfortunately Dad is too old, unfit, fat to ride with Andy and therefore I am asking if there are any adults out there who would be happy for Andy to join on some rides. He is a very mature 13 year old boy both on and off the road and I am confident that he won't be a burden.

Thank you!

Mark Paling
07795 841986"

If you think you can help in any way please please get in touch with me.

Marco Burgin
07775 712718