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STRAVA Segment of the month

posted 6 Sept 2017, 02:39 by Chris Parker   [ updated 6 Sept 2017, 02:39 ]
GC and Monthly segment times have been updated.  Any corrections please email racing@vcgh.co.uk

This months segment is Highstreet Green  If you are on the GC then get out and get a time.  Ladies, come on, let's get someone chasing Lara. Also the time difference between 2nd and 9th is minimal.  The men's competition is led by Jon Huges, again, time gaps between 2nd and 10th place are fairly small with 5 segments left to go....  And yes, we have a double header segment challenge coming up so you all get 12 segments in the bag for 2017... Ps.  More bonus seconds available in October too.  Ride Hard.