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Strava Segment Challenge Results 2018

posted 4 Jan 2019, 05:52 by Duncan Robertson   [ updated 4 Jan 2019, 05:53 ]
Hello all,

Here are the results for the 2018 segment challenge. I tried something new for 2018 by using https://segmentchallenge.com. It started well with lots of contenders, but that fell off dramatically as the year progressed with only the hardcore continuing for the season. Thank you to those who persevered and sorry that I wasn't able to make it more compelling. I'm afraid I just don't have Mr Parkers PR skills.

Anyway the hard earned results.

There were GC, KOM and Sprint winners, but two people claimed all the titles: 

Ali Walters:  102 points
Karl Chandler: 130 points

Well done both of you !!!! both clear winners in the end. Thank you everyone for taking part.

You can see the full results here: 

In terms of one for this season, I'm happy to set one up again, but we may need a rethink on how we make it more appealing for everyone.