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Strava Competition (May) Results

posted 5 Jun 2016, 13:00 by Chris Parker   [ updated 18 Jun 2016, 07:54 by Lara Taylor ]

So did you have fun?

Looks like a strong ride from Anna Westron for the win in May,  a stunning 14:33.  Clearly Anna has been out training with Will and preparing in the same way.  That can only mean one thing...."Anna you need to start racing...Fridays at Dunsfold...."  Natalie collects a second with 15:02 and Lara an alleged 40 Watts for 15:48 (Hanging onto the tailgate of horse boxes again Lara?)

For the men, Will dishes out some justice on his commute to sneak a win from Jon Hughes.  Both riding at a staggering 43kmph.  Karl Chandler came in third with 12:14.  This result and strong rides recently have seen Karl start to edge away from a close group in the GC covering 3rd to 6th places.  The GC has been updated, any questions corrections or complaints to Chris Parker.  

The May results are here: VCGH (May) Escape From Haslemere 
Check out the GC here: General Classification