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Strava Competition (Mar) Results

posted 2 Apr 2016, 05:44 by Chris Parker
March: VCGH (March) Reeds Road 'headless squirrel' Sprint -  Turned out to be a bit special.  Lara Taylor, a self confessed, NON SPRINTER, cleaned up the ladies comp with 59s and an average speed of 45.5 kmph.  The current ladies GC leader Natalie White 5 seconds behind in 1:04 and Jackie Johnson in 3rd.

The men went wild ! A mere 10 seconds separating the top 18.  Nick Webb stormed to the win with a clean 50 seconds,, 53.7 kmph and + 500 Watts.  Great ride and head and shoulders ahead of everyone.  Second went to David Smith with an excellent 51 seconds and 3rd was Zach Morgan, Billy Jones, Karl Chandler, Ben Brown who all threw there bikes in vane at the line to log 52 seconds each...better luck next time lads, try harder will you!!

For April we move unexpectedly back to the hills and a little belter called Quell Lane .  This one will separate the weak willed, it might even shame a few of you into walking (pls tell me if it does as then I know my work is not in vain)  Enjoy, Bon Chance...

*  Any corrections to times or errors, let me know, I do all this in the dead of night with beer as my friend *