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Strava Competition (Apr) Results

posted 2 May 2016, 12:42 by Chris Parker   [ updated 2 May 2016, 12:45 ]
April: Quell Lane - (0.9km at 9% 85m elevation diff - "Climb") 

I told you it would hurt... And boy, anyone, even the most capable will testify... That's one Quell of a climb!!  And yes, if I see one more pun related to the name of the segment I may give up this job.   As always any corrections on results, please contact me or PM me on Facebook. 

Natalie White scored another QOM with 4:24 over 1 minute ahead of the competition which puts her in a strong GC position.  And I'm guessing with an average of 57 Watts she's entirely made up of fairy dust and riding an invisible bike.  Or maybe her power meter just packed up on the 20%+ first step.  Either way a great ride Natalie. Ali Walters placed 2nd with 5:32 and a tie for 3rd with Jackie Johnson and Anna Westron both on 05:51

The men's rankings show a familiar name in the top spot again.  Another astonishing time from Jon Hughes on his favored terrain.  2:52 and the overall strava KOM puts Jon ahead of Karl Chandler and Chris Parker who both tied for second with 3:20.  3rd place goes to Mark Pritchard who stormed to 3:23.  Great rides from everyone... 

The April results are here: Quell Lane
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