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Race (and normal) Kit Order. Responses Needed ASAP

posted 6 Jan 2019, 04:46 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 6 Jan 2019, 04:46 ]
It's time to place the annual order for VCGH Race Kit. This only happens once a year because there are minimum order quantities applicable which means we can’t just order as and when people decide they want something. I will at the same time be ordering a certain amount of normal kit to boost the stock kit: It helps if you tell me who needs what, so please respond if you think you’re looking to buy new ’normal' kit in the next few months (no obligation).

**please only order Race/TT kit if you are sure you want to buy. The club cannot afford to buy a whole lot of surplus stock that people change their minds about though there is a small amount of flexibility. A 50% deposit will be required to order any race kit item this year.**

Road race kit is usually either a Bioracer speedsuit and/or Castelli Free Aero Race Jersey (and Bibshorts if you want). TT kit is a Bioracer TT skinsuit. All speedsuits/skinsuits can be made short or longsleeve and can be made with different specification to suit you, but we usually go with the recommended Race Proven suits.

All Bioracer and Castelli kit is available in men’s and women’s specific sizing.

Bioracer - more info
Bioracer’s Belgian sizing is more ’normal’ than Castelli’s very small Italian sizing. If you want to order a Bioracer speedsuit and are unsure about sizing, I can order kit sizing samples to confirm your size. This comes in the form of a normal jersey and bibshorts. Whichever size fits you in the jersey/bibshorts is the size you should order for the speedsuit. Please let me know before Thursday 10th January if you would like to try Bioracer kit samples as I will order these to come in early next week. You will then need to come to my house near Godalming to try on and confirm sizing before Sunday 20th January.

I have one large and one medium men’s Bioracer road race speedsuit in stock (£162), and one large men’s Bioracer TT suit (£207).

Castelli - more info
Castelli do a race jersey which is very thin material and race fit. You would usually need to order at least one size larger than your Team Jersey if you have one. I have a few Free Aero Race Jerseys in stock if you want to try/buy (all men’s sizes except large), or you can go into a shop stocking Castelli (or order online) to check your sizing, but make sure it’s a race fit jersey as they’re very different from ‘normal' fit.

Some people also race in the Team Jersey. 

The Castelli Free Aero Race Bibshorts are a universal Castelli fit, so you can find out your size by trying any Castelli bibshorts or come and try some Volo Bibshorts at my house, if I have your size.

Bioracer road race speedsuit: APPROX £180 (tbc)
Bioracer TT skinsuit: APPROX £205 (tbc)
Castelli Free Aero Race Jersey (men’s or women’s sizing XS to XXL): £85
Castelli Free Aero Bibshorts: £105
Castelli Team Jersey: £66

* If there is demand for 8 or less of each item from Castelli, I will not be able to place an order.
* I can order any quantity from Bioracer, and the order can be made up with a mix of different suits, but there are surcharges below the value of £350 (£90) and £700 (£45) so ideally we would be looking to order at least 4 suits.

Many people prefer the Free Aero Bibshorts to the normal Volo Bibshorts for everyday riding, but they are not stock kit, so please let me know if you’d like to order any for this year.
Please also let me know if you have any desire to order something from the usual club stocksheet (out of stock sizes will be boosted in this order, but not in winter kit items).

Sorry for the long and complex message. Here’s a summary of what I need to know:

By Thursday 10th January
  • Do you want me to order Bioracer kit samples in your size so you can double-check your Bioracer sizing? If so, what size/s?

By Sunday 20th January
  • Do you want to order a Bioracer Road Race suit or TT suit? What size?
  • Do you want to order a Castelli Free Aero Race Jersey, Free Aero Bibshorts, or Team Jersey? What size?
  • Are you likely to want to order any other Castelli stock kit (bearing in mind the next order will probably not be until September)?
All responses and questions to Lara.