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Our Values

posted 30 May 2018, 01:58 by Mark Burgin
I’ve been a member of VCG(H) since the beginning when even I was young, there were six of us, eight on a good day. 

I kind of know where we came from as a club, the roots, the ethos that said, ‘OK if there are others that want to ride with us, with our friendship group and they agree to be bound by our values that’s OK, come along, you’re welcome’.  

In time those values were formally agreed by the members and have since that club meeting back in May 2007 been agreed to by every member that has joined the club.  Each of you on signing the membership form became a shareholder in VCGH.  It’s our club, it's your club, we’re bound by that common code, more importantly the club sinks or swims because of the collective behaviour of us all.

At the heart of our code is an understanding that all members by joining the club have made a commitment to support our values and donate their time and efforts to make the Club and it’s members the centre of their cycling world.  Sure you can do event, competitions whatever works for you, but this is where you belong.  I could name a few outstanding members, but for me, Will is an epic example of this ethos, much more able than most of us have ever been but he returns, he’s ever present, this is home.

Perhaps I’m just a grumpy old man past my sell by date and should be put out to graze my days away, but I passionately believe that the community that is our Club is valuable, means a huge amount to its members and that the world is just a fraction better because we’re here.   

All that said little by little I think we are in danger of loosing our way.  I see quite a bit of what seems to me thoughtless behaviour by some of our members.  Rides that should be open to all members not posted on the Club calendar, I could name three in the last week.  

The effect of this is understandably that members not invited feel excluded and the spirit and set of core values that make us the best cycling club in the south of England get eroded little by little chip by chip.  I therefore implore you to think about your commitment to the club, to care for your fellow member, value our community and post as many of your rides as you feel able to.  Whilst I’m on a rant how about signing up for the rides you intend to join ASAP, not at the last possible moment. I ask this of you so everyone can see your intention - believe it or not people join rides because their mate is going, you sign, they sign and then the whole snowball starts.

When you are passionate about a sport as we all are, there are always going to be moments of friction when the red mist descends, I just implore all of us to on balance be more selfless than selfish it kind of works out better that way.

Much love

For and on behalf of us at our best.