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New Road Ride Definitions

posted 27 Feb 2013, 03:40 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 27 Feb 2013, 05:43 ]

To try and accommodate new members with a wide range of different abilities, we're re-defining our road rides. We're introducing some different levels - particularly in the beginner to intermediate levels - and we're trying to ensure that rides led at a certain level are always led at that level, no matter who leads them. We're also hoping to encourage a wider variety of rides to go out at the weekends, on either day.

What this means for Ride Leaders

Luckily we've got a really good group of committed ride leaders. We're asking them to stick within the parameters of the ride level they post so that riders know what to expect. We're trying to find ways to accommodate a bit of flux in pace, such as having sweepers whose job it is to look after those who end up off the back (we're asking everyone from the leader group - or anyone else on the ride who feels capable and has the route - to please volunteer for this role from time to time).

In general we hope that these measures will take the pressure off ride leaders having to cope with groups spanning too wide an ability group. 

What it means for Riders

Hopefully there'll be bit more variety available for our members, from shorter to longer distances at levels that follow a manageable progression from complete beginner to accomplished speedster. We'll always welcome you on our rides, but for your own enjoyment and that of the rest of the group, we'd ask you to be aware of how you ride compared to the pace that the ride leader sets. So that if you come out at one level and find you spend most of the time in the sweep group, we'd encourage you to try riding at the level down until your fitness improves. And if you find yourself frustrated and wanting to speed off the front, feel free to move up a level the following week.

The Ride Definitions

The speeds below are average pace over the designated distance in typical undulating Surrey Hills landscape. All speeds and distances are give or take a little, so that if you are on a flatter-than-usual ride, you might find yourself going a faster-than-average pace and vice versa. As usual, if you have any worries or questions, please feel free to email road@vcgh.co.uk or the ride leader who can help you with deciding which group to join.


20-30 miles @ 12-13mph / 32-48km @ 19-21kph. Cafe stop. Gently undulating terrain.


30-40 miles @ 13-14mph / 48-64km @ 21-23kph. Cafe stop. Undulating terrain.


40-70 miles @ 14-15mph / 64-113km @ 23-24kph. Cafe stop. Often hilly terrain.


40-70 miles @ 15-16mph / 64-113km @ 24-26kph. Cafe stop. Often hilly terrain.

  • PACY

40-80+ miles @ 16+mph / 64-129+km @ 26+kph. Usually with cafe stop. Hilly terrain and/or high speeds.


Mixed format rides at various pace.

Read more about our rides on the Road > Ride Levels page.

If you're interested in becoming a ride leader please contact road@vcgh.co.uk.