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Known Website Issues

posted 3 Nov 2012, 00:55 by Mark Burgin   [ updated 14 Jan 2013, 09:18 ]
There are always a few quirks that need ironing out on a new site; bits that look weird in this browser or that. Because we have chosen to use a set of existing tools (from Google) to build the site rather than hand-coding it, there are various annoying user issues which we just can't do anything about:
  1. Google offer support for the current and 2 prior major releases of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a rolling basis. As soon as a major upgrade of one of those browsers is released, Google update their tools and stop supporting the third-oldest version. If you're having a weird experience viewing the VCGH website start solving the problem by upgrading your browser to the newest version.

  2. It may not be entirely obvious how the Google site menu works.  Over on the lefthand side bar menu you can drill down further into the site content than you can using the horizontal menu because the horizontal menu only shows the top level pages within each section - this might take a little getting used to. For instance in the horizontal menu you might think that Road had just five pages:

  3. However if you look at the left hand side bar you will see that there are further levels of pages under the Routes and Tours sections (indicated by the little triangle). It's just a quirk of Google Sites, but just remember to use the left hand menu to fully explore the site and the horizontal one to quickly get to top level pages within each section.