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July Strava Segment

posted 1 Aug 2016, 13:30 by Chris Parker
Yes its strava segment time...this month, with the Tour still a recent memory I give you the mighty Col Du Churt ! 6.4km of Alpine climbing to a dizzy 258m with 188m of climbing, nearly 10m more than BoxHill.  The start is opposite Pond Lane, heading south and gradually uphill towards Jumps Road.  There is a little kick as you roll over the first step to Churt then the main gradient kicks in at around 10% for the first tough section. For about 500m the average is 7.5%.  From here it gets easier, with mainly 4% up to the little drop at Beacon Hill and then the same all the way past the top of Tilford Road and onto the finish which is at the garage at the very top of the hill before the lights and mini round-a-bouts...

As always, ride hard, have fun and if you can still speak at the top of this one....well....go back down and try again you didn't try hard enough!!