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Group Riding Rules from 29 March 2021

posted 2 Apr 2021, 06:52 by vcgh chair   [ updated 2 Apr 2021, 06:52 ]

In accordance with British Cycling, Government Guidance, and our own club rules, VCGH group rides:

  1. Must adhere to a maximum of 6 if a coffee stop is scheduled (per Gov guidelines). As before, 2 x groups of 6 can be organised at the same time if a second leader volunteers, provided that a few minutes is maintained between groups on the road, and the 2 groups remain separate at cafe stops.
  2. Can expand to a total maximum of 15 (per BC guidelines) ONLY if no coffee stops are made. Groups on the road should not exceed the VCGH maximum ride leader to rider ratio of 1:7 (i.e. riding as 2 separate groups of 8 and 7 with adequate space in-between).
  3. Must maintain social distancing of 1m+.
  4. Should respect the ride leader’s decision on whether or not to ride 2-abreast.

These rules will be under regular review as the national situation changes.