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Final 2015 club TT

posted 19 Sept 2015, 04:42 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 19 Sept 2015, 09:15 ]
The field was a bit thin on the ground today for the final club TT of the season, with only 11 riders (compared to 25 last month; maybe we need to make it the Strava segment every month!). The conditions were good, with dry roads, no noticeable wind and (too late for us to benefit from) lovely bright sunshine. First rider back was VC St Raphael's Jeremy Ponting in 25:12 with Steve Davies the first VCGHer in 26:44. 

That's the end of our little TT series this year, but it's been a successful season with lots of riders giving it a try for the first time, and some great improvements over the course of the season.

Our fastest result through the entire season was Farnham RC's Sam Orbell with 22:57 in May. The fastest (official) VCGH time was Will Ranoe in August with 23:16 - notable particularly for the complete lack of any aero gear he was using, followed by Jon Hughes with 23:38. 

For those interested in statistics, 41 VCGH riders rode our races this season, and 23 non-VCGH riders (compared with 37:13 last year). The most improved rider through the season (by 2 mins 43 seconds) was Steve Davies, closely followed by Chris Mott. Of the 6 races, nobody attended all, but Chris Parker and Chris Mott were the most loyal with 5 each!
Thanks go out again to my lovely marshals who were happy to stand on those chilly corners at silly o'clock and give us all a smile on the way around. This course requires a lot of volunteers to work well, and I'm always enormously grateful to those of you who are willing to contribute your time. Today those fine people were:
  • Nathan Hoy (start timekeeper)
  • Matt Hurst (pusher-offer)
  • Gary Godwin (marshal at west Kirdford)
  • Sheena Rogers (marshal at east Kirdford)
  • Frank Eisenhower (marshal at the bottom of Skiff Lane)
  • Roger Scott (marshal at the top of Skiff Lane)
  • Suzie Humphry (marshal onto Plaistow Road)
  • Rob Wheeler (marshal at Plaistow Church)
  • Brian Waters (course marker and finish timekeeper)
  • Marco Burgin (results)
  • Linda Hoy (tea and cakes)
Thanks also to Elliot Brown for taking photos (link to follow) and Margaret and Moira our hosts at Loxwood Sports Association.

I hope you've enjoyed the season. Feel free to send me an email if you have any comments or suggestions for next year.

All the best,