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December STRAVA

posted 30 Nov 2016, 15:07 by Chris Parker
Results for the GC and November will be up this week...well done all on Woolmer Hill, its a bit of a hard one that.

Its December, all I can here and think is this, "Its the FINAL countdown" and all you have to do is complete the final stage of the 2016 Strava Challenge.  Because I really didn't want to end on a sprint I got creative, sorry!

Decembers challenge is a 'Rolling' segment, a 'Sprint' segment and a 'Climb' segment all on the same little stretch of road.  All segments are on the B2130 from Loxhill to Busbridge with the rolling segment encompassing the climb and the sprint.  The road is a joy and a pain in the backside all in one.   

You can choose how you tackle this....ride it in one go....ride each segment separately...have several goes...YOU DECIDE, ITS UP TO YOU...What I hope is its simple enough to make December interesting, rather than a damp squib, but easy enough because its all in one place.  My humblest apologies for putting you all through hell this year.  The good news is 2017 starts with a rest day ;-)


Rolling:  5.2km, Avg Grade +1%. 56m Elev Diff . 
Loxhill to 30 mph signs "BUSBRIDGE" just prior to Munstead Heath Road Junction. Click for Details

Climb:  0.9km, Ave Grade +5%, 47m Elev Diff. 
This is the climb just after Hascombe heading to Busbridge. Click for Details

Sprint:  1.3km, Avg Grade -1%, Elev Diff 14m. 
The final 1.3km of the rolling segment from just after Winkworth Arboretum to the 30mph signs with "BUSBRIDGE" on. Click for Details