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Committee Meeting

posted 25 Mar 2014, 01:26 by Mark Burgin   [ updated 25 Mar 2014, 04:15 ]
Strictly speaking this isn't exactly a set of minutes, more a journal of what the Organising Committee is up to.  We organise the meeting on a rolling agenda, so if there's something you would like us to discuss please let one of the committee know.  

 Briefing Note         Discussion Item / Vote
 AGM Minutes 1)  Action points following up from the AGM
  • Marco Burgin has been appointed as a director of VCGH and the paperwork at companies house completed
  • VCGH needs to appoint an Auditor, it was agreed to approach Peter Davies
  • The website has been updated to remove reference to us as a MTB club, shortly an article will be added to describe MTB as one of a number of activities that club members do from time to time
  • The need for third party rider insurance has been brought to the attention of the members through a promotion run with British Cycling.  This promotion will be run for a second time followed by the inclusion of a declaration when signing up for a club ride
  • Lara is going to review the number of volunteers required for the club TT series and there may be a call for more people to volunteer
  • A racing group has had its initial meeting and is in the process of getting itself organised as a sub- committee
 Junior Members Trial  2)  A discussion took place about running a youth riding trial for 16+.  It was decided that:
  • This shouldn't go ahead until we have better researched the potential for club directors being held liable for negligence if something goes wrong
  • If we are to go ahead with a trial it should be put to the membership via an online vote first.
Casc Briefing Note   3)  It was decided that the Club will register as a Community Amateur Sports Club in order to take advantage of the reduction in tax liability.

 Cash position 22/03/14  4) With the plan to hold stock of some club kit and the likely pressure on club funds from this and other club activities it was decided to retain £2,000 of cash reserves throughout the year.  A number of budget expenses were discussed including the costs of the TT series, a summer BBQ, affiliations to professional bodies, promotional material etc.  It was decided to approve the TT expenditure of some £250.00 and to hold back on approving other expenditure until the costs of stock holding club kit become more clear.
 Club Rules Strategy  5) Club Rules - a discussion took place about the need to revise and or add to the club rules through an online vote by the members followed by an EGM to action that vote.  No decision was made, the approach was approved and a number of rules will be redrafted for discussion by the organising committee prior to a members vote

   6) Road Etiquette - A draft ride etiquette guide (not published yet) was discussed and it was agreed that this should be put to the Ride Leaders group as a discussion item prior to it being put to the members for a vote on adoption.

   7) The lucky Dip draw for the Velodrome places was held and the numbers selected were 33 & 74 respectively for the two nights.  Collette will be in contact shortly with the winners and Losers