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Club Kit: 2nd Invoice

posted 10 Mar 2015, 02:28 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 10 Mar 2015, 02:35 ]
The second club kit invoices went out last night. Please read the invoices carefully - all information about issues with specific garments are noted on the invoice.

The kit order should be in the UK early this week and will be released as soon as we pay the balance of our order which I can do once everyone has paid their individual invoices.

Some general points below:
  1. Due to miscommunication over the sock styles, we have not reached the minimum order quantity for these, so all those of you who originally ordered socks have received refunds on your second invoice.
  2. Anyone who ordered aero race jerseys will have a little longer to wait (sorry!). As we were originally aiming to get these printed with sponsor logos, they did not get put into our first order. However, they will be ordered as a priority in our second.
  3. Our second order will be placed hopefully within 2 weeks of receiving our first. This will give people a chance to order different items, and for us to address any issues people have with incorrect sizing. It will also include stock jerseys and bibshorts (stock gilets were included in our first order).
  4. There is a small amount of stock kit within this first order, so please email shop@vcgh.co.uk with any specific requests which will be answered once the first order is delivered.
  5. TT skinsuits are still under debate. Due to a couple of TTists moving to a different club this season, we are on the borderline of not being able to meet the 10 item Castelli minimum. I have sent an enquiry out to Bioracer (think Tony Martin) who can handle smaller order numbers. More info as I have it.
  6. San Remo speedsuits (road racing) are on the back-burner for the time being. There is not currently enough demand to meet an initial 10-item minimum, so we will hope to be able to order these if we win some successful sponsorship later in 2015.