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Club Dinner THANK YOU (and quick survey)

posted 22 Mar 2019, 07:44 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 22 Mar 2019, 07:45 ]

Thanks to all of you who attended our Annual Club Dinner and AGM last night at Milford Golf Club. It was fab to see so many of you there. We were trying out a slightly new format for a change, mainly to allow a little more freeform socialisation. It would be good to hear what you thought about it in our totally anonymous survey. Please also fill this in if you didn't attend the evening - it'll only take 2 minutes of your time.

Our AGM minutes will be published in the next few days. And the accounts will be available on the website by 21st April. If you have any specific accounts-related questions you'd like answering before this time, please get in touch with Mark Wright.

Our customary awards ceremony paid an appropriate amount of homage to the following people:
  1. Saeed Mumtaz Most Improved Rider Award to Laura Senior for outgrowing nearly all the VCGH ranks and being an all round talented, lovely lass who is now also developing our first ever Ladies Race Team.

  2. Rob Marcus Competitive Rider Award to Chris Parker for not only supporting and encouraging our entire Race Team, and organising the Cutmill Road Race on behalf of the Club, but also committing to his own highly successful racing year, culminating in a very impressive Cat 2 status at season's close.

  3. Best Dressed Rider to David and Ali Walters (see pic) for their commitment to immaculate team presentation with a range of coordinating kit. (Not just one pink Rapha jersey, but two). Runner up Tim Powell (see pic for very obvious reason why).

  4. Comedy Moment to Adam Coomber for posting the year's most entertaining video on Facebook just before Christmas last year, along with the comment " Not sure about mince pies but plenty of mince in this ride!"

  5. Rider of the Year to Tim Powell for his infectious energy and enthusiasm; if there's riding to be had, he'll do it; if there isn't a ride posted, he'll post one; if there's a race in the offing, he'll have signed up for it.

  6. The Surrey Pavé Award - a real piece of rough-hewn Chilworth cobble dug up by the bloody fingernails of Chris Parker and awarded to someone who has truly outdone themselves - to Paul Davies for his phenomenal 13 hour 13 minutes, 207-mile, Chase the Sun ride last June, as well as notching up his 10,000th mile of riding on 18 December last year. Runner up was the mighty Matt Hill for his 144-mile Solstice at the Henge ride on 22 December, which he started at 2:43am, and averaged over 18mph.

  7. Exceptional Contribution should go to just about everyone involved in running the Club as it wouldn't exist without everyone's input. Many people were mentioned but sticking with the Jets theme for the second year in a row, it goes to Jets coach Adrian Waddy for standing in an often wet and windy carpark putting out cones and encouraging our next generation of riders to behave themselves and learn better skills than many of us have. Also for being always one of the first people to volunteer, and for organising the Lee Valley track day.

  8. Clubman of the Year to Jim Middleton for embodying the VCGH ethos of not just riding, but also getting stuck in to the community wherever possible, committing to keeping a big group of (unruly) Sunday riders in check each week, as well as finding time in a busy work and domestic schedule to help get our Training and Development project off the ground. Awesome stuff.
Winners: Best Dressed (matching even down to the accessories!)

Runner up: Best Dressed

The Surrey Pavé Award.