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Club 10 TT #6

posted 14 Sept 2019, 04:02 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 16 Sept 2019, 03:58 ]
Everybody was complaining of the 'bracing' weather this morning at sign-on, and quite right too - my car was reading 5.5 degrees when I was putting the signs out. No wonder so many people couldn't write their names properly!

It was nevertheless bright, dry and sunny, even though temperatures didn't rise much before the first rider set off.

Great turnout again, especially for a September event, so thanks to all of you for making the effort to be there. It's awesome to see the HQ teeming at the end of an event.

The majority entered the road bike category again this month, with Will Ranoe first home in 24:19, Rob Julian second in 25:58, and Carl Wichman third in 26:30. Carl was also 2nd vet on standard, only 3 seconds behind his standard time (impressive given that standard times are set for TT bikes), and Peter Land - for his first go at our TT - was 3rd vet, only 20 seconds behind his standard time. Laura Senior was first female road bike in 27:52, with Caroline Julian second in 32:07. Well done to Simon Williams, Caroline Julian, and Poppy Porter for being the only three riders with PBs this month (not easy on a chilly September), and to junior Tom for a very excellent 31:37 for his first solo TT attempt.

In the TT bike event, it was Callum Davies-Russell first home in 24:32, followed by Mark Herbert in 27:11. Lara Taylor was 3rd in 27:12, and also 1st female TT bike and first vet on standard with a plus time of 1 minute 35.

Thanks also to the riders who were patient with the horse riders out on the course. It's always frustrating to have to hold back mid-race and deal with an unwanted delay, but it's not a closed road event so there's always a possibility of things going awry. It's great to see our riders being so generous to our fellow minority road users.

Awesome to see a total of 6 women on the start list, and this is definitely reflective of the increase in women in VCGH as a whole. Can we do even better next year?

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out at this month's event. As you all know by now, the event series couldn't run without their help so it's always massively appreciated. This month my team was:

Start timekeeper and co-cake-maker: Ali Walters
Push-offer: Richard Moore
Marshals: David Walters, Adrian Cockle, Nick Davison, Peter Davies, Ali Siddall, Chris Parker
Finish Timekeeper: Lara O'Keeffe
Results: Marco Burgin

Thanks also to Robin Johnson for help with clearing up, and to Adrian and team at Loxwood Sports which has been a fantastic HQ for another season of club 10s.
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  • VTTA Vet Standard times explained here
  • For detailed statistics on this year's (and past) 10 miler TTs, have a look at our Club 10 Historic spreadsheet.
Only one event left in our TT series this year, and that's the hillclimb on Staple Lane on 12th October. As with the 10-milers, this is a welcoming event that's suitable for all levels of rider so please come along to our grand finale!