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Club 10 TT #1

posted 21 Apr 2019, 04:11 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 21 Apr 2019, 04:13 ]
Our TT season started again yesterday with the first Club 10 of 2019. This event uses Loxwood Sports as the HQ and the G10/45 as a course, which loops around Kirdford and Plaistow.

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day; dry roads, bright sunshine making for reasonably mild temperatures and hardly a breath of wind. If only we could claim the road surfaces were in good condition, but unfortunately they've disintegrated even further over the winter, and Skiff Lane is now in even worse condition. Just think of it as our very own Spring Classic!

Thanks to all the riders turning up yesterday to give it a go. We had 18 which isn't too bad for this time of year, and those riders included 4 women and 1 junior. We split the riders into 2 categories as we did last year, evening up the playing field a little. All those with aerobars or deep wheels (more than 60mm) or aero helmets were in the TT category. If you think you've been listed in the wrong category, please get in touch.

Jon Hughes was the fastest TT bike, coming home in 23:48 with Mark Wright in second place with 25:35. 1st female TT bike was Ali Walters with 28:59.

First road bike home was Ben Hopwood from Just Pedal who crossed the line with an excellent 24:36 with Mark Pritchard and Matt Hill fighting for second place with 25:44 and 25:48 respectively.

We'll make more of the Vets Standard Times this year which is another way of evening up the field. The Veteran Time Trial Association publish adjustment times for riders based on their age (over 40) and gender. This means that vet riders can be ranked according to how close they got to their vet standard time. Based on these standards, Jon Hughes was our first vet rider, coming in 2 mins 48 seconds faster than his vet standard time. Matt Hill was second vet, beating his standard time by 1:40, and Mark Wright was third,  beating his by 1:01.

Well done to all riders giving it a go this month, especially our junior Ethan Gubby who finished in a very speedy 29:28. Watch your backs folks!

And especial thanks as usual go to my volunteer team who got up *very* early on Easter Saturday to make the whole event possible. This month my fantastic team were:

Push-offer: Matt Hurst
Marshals: Jez Ponting, Ali Siddall, Ralph & Poppy Buschow, Chris Parker, Kate Cheeseman, Michael Chadwell
Finish Timekeeper: Lara O'Keeffe
Results: Marco Burgin
HQ Teas: Karl & Dexter Chandler
And to Adrian Morris at Loxwood Sports

Full results are now online.
Next event is 18th May. See you there!