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AGM - Sat 26th Jan 2013

Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere

 AGM – Saturday 26th January 2012

 7.00pm Golden Fleece, Farnham Road, GU8 6DB


A.    Formal Legal Company Business for VCGH Ltd:

1.     Presentation of Accounts


2.     Resignation & Re-election of Company Directors

These are legal positions as directors of VCGH limited. The club requires a minimum of 2 directors to be appointed


3.     Appoint an auditor

Proposal to re-appoint Paul Jordan


B.     Club Business

1.     Road Report


2.     Off Road Report


3.     Request for volunteers to help with running of club

Current Club roles:

Road Captain: Mike Boyce

Off Road Captains: Julie & Roland

Membership Secretary: Graham Hemmings

Social Secretary: Colette Patto

Treasurer & Club Secretary: Dave Jordan


Roles to fill:

Road Captain

Membership Secretary


Club secretary

Ride Leaders

(see brief description of duties in appendix)


4.      Upcoming events


5.     AOB










































                  Appendix: Club Roles to fill

Road Captain: After several seasons of corralling us into some orderly shape, recognisable as a cycling club Mike now has a rather demanding work role in delivering a new leisure centre in Midhurst , which means that he will not have much spare time to continue with this role so we need a new captain. He will of course continue to improve his TT times next year.


Main requirements are to organise the ride leaders to ensure that there’s a good mix of road rides across the season – you don’t need to lead the rides, just organise the ride leaders, maybe you’ve got some fresh ideas you’d like to introduce - So if you see yourself as a future Dave Brailsford  nows the time – Team VCGH for the Tour!



Treasurer/ VCGH Ltd director: Since having his hand forced up by Paul about  6 years ago (this is a copy paste from last years AGM!), Dave has been treasurer. It’s probably time to hand the baton over to someone that can actually add up. Is there an accountant out there? It’s not difficult, bank account is all online, prepare & submit company accounts once a year – what could be simpler. It makes sense for this role to be one of the 2 VCGH Ltd directors (again not arduous just a legal requirement – which means no doping on rides or at least not getting caught). And you get to put company director on your CV!


Club Secretary/VCGH Ltd director: Dave was also performing this role. This is not demanding (probably why Dave was able to do it). Really it’s about having an overview of what’s going on in the club, make sure it’s all running smoothly both on the Ltd co side and the club side. So if you’ve always fancied world domination or are just good at overseeing – stick your hand up


Membership Secretary: We’re looking for someone to carry on Grahams great work on the membership front, Graham has been doing this for 5 years and feels it’s time to pass the baton on. This role is about being the first person prospective members talk to, keeping current member details up to date and of course collecting subs (Paypal is your friend for this one and the marvels of technology mean it’s not too time consuming.


Ride Leaders: We need a few more to spread the load – just entails leading a ride now & again. Choose the route, post the ride, lead it



All roles involve meeting a few times a year, usually over a beer talking cycling. Incumbents will ensure smooth handovers and be on hand to answer any questions that arise.