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2017 Strava GC Result

posted 8 Jan 2018, 13:13 by Chris Parker
General Classification 2017

2017 Results are in.  The overall Womens Strava crown has been taken by Lara Taylor.  Congratulations to Lara for taking part this year and riding all the segment to finish with a time that places her inside the men's top ten (9th Place)  A wonderful result Lara.  More ladies riding next year please!!!

The Men's crown has been taken by.... yep, you guessed it, Jon Hughes.  He's won a sack full of coal, water in his tires and a new set of ultra baggy, high drag cycling kit.  Karl Chandler sneaked 2nd place this year with some sterling rides, running Jon close a few times.  Ben Brown takes third in 2017 after a year-long battle with Chris Parker (yes me...) for the last spot on the podium.  Some fantastic rides when he needed to gain those extra seconds.  Well done All.

Check the Strava pages for the full results.

Thanks all for your time, efforts, sweat and tears over the last couple of years.  Duncan Robertson has taken on the Strava Challenge for 2018 so get involved and get riding.  Enjoy.