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2017 Annual Dinner

posted 16 Jan 2018, 06:41 by Lara Taylor   [ updated 16 Jan 2018, 06:45 ]
Great to see so many of you at the Bel & Dragon, Churt, last night for our annual club dinner. Thanks as always to Matt Hurst for organising the evening and encouraging you all to be there, and to Bel for excellent service.

Strava awards were handed out by our Race Captain Chris Parker to those in 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the annual segment competition, except that there was no 2nd and 3rd place in the ladies' competition as yours truly was the only lady to take part! However being one of only one was tempered slightly by sneaking into the top 10 of the men's comp. Jon Hughes, Karl Chandler and Ben Brown took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in that competition respectively.

Our customary awards ceremony gave kudos to the following people:
  1. Competitive Rider of the Year to Matt Hill for being not only an unbelievable force of nature and raw power, but also a great tactical racer.

  2. Most Improved Rider to David Lomax for climbing all of the ranks in the VCGH weekend rides to take a regular spot in the mod+ rides. Runners up Sheena and Ali Walters.

  3. Grand Tour Award to David Bennett for completing his astonishing goal of 200,000 vertical metres climbed in one year, which he achieved by the skin of his teeth on 29th December. Runners up the Land's End to Godalming crew of Elliot Brown, Adam Coomber, Gary Godwin & Paul Hide.

  4. Rider of the Year to Will Beeston for his capable and savvy riding, happily mixing it up with people several times his age, size and experience level, and also for an admirable ability to consume his body weight in hot chocolate and brownies.

  5. Best Dressed Rider to Chris Harrison for his inimitable coordination, humour and style in the wearing of fine socks.

  6. Comedy Moment to Sara Horner for making the ladies wonder what was in the small individually-wrapped square packets that she carried with her on every ride alongside her money and phone. Although these were later revealed to be hydro tabs, Pip loudly and hilariously misinterpreted their use. The VCGH ladies are prepared for anything!

  7. Outstanding Contribution included a nod to a long list of excellent VCGHers who lent a hand last year in various aspects of the Club: Matt Hurst for his stellar organisation of the Paris trip, and Brian Waters for being top-notch support crew; Ali Siddall and Lara Harrison for their commitment to helping the ladies' group thrive; Dave Triska for taking on responsibility for safety and training within the club and for running his Accident Management workshop; Jackie for her work as Membership Secretary and for keeping ladies' intro rides in the calendar; Ali Walters for taking on the Club Welfare Officer role; Frank Eisenhower for starting off some valuable data analysis around club membership; Tim Rogers for his attempts to get the mod+ riders into order and for his design of the handy ride-posting tool; Chris Parker for his commitment to the race team and our annual Strava competition; Nathan for his involvement in the Jets coaching; all the marshals and volunteers who help run our TT series and our Surrey League racing commitments, and the weekend ride leaders who keep the core work of our club going.

    The final award went to Nick Strugnell, acknowledging his work and commitment in making an ongoing success of the VCGH Jets.

  8. Clubman of the Year to Marco Burgin for his tireless involvement in all things VCGH and for being a role-model, a motivator and an inspiration to so many riders.